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The flywheel has a number of important mechanical effects associated with it. For instance, a flywheel can rotate so fast that a small electric charge is produced. A little more energy can be released than is used, which can then be used to accelerate the weight forward (as long as the flywheel isn’t at rest). We can imagine using electric charges to accelerate a mass, perhaps one of the passengers, using the flywheel to pull the object forward. The flywheel is also a powerful force to keep an object in its place: a passenger might need to be accelerated or thrown off a ship to change its position when an engine malfunction happens.

But if we turn the flywheel off, the mass will no longer be able to move; it won’t be able to produce energy, so how come it can move in the first place? The answer is that once a mass falls out of a moving object, its inertia becomes zero – the acceleration stops, it can’t make any more corrections to its orbit (because if the mass came from a new orbit, the orbit doesn’t change in any way as the mass falls; the mass can’t move faster).

But that’s not the end of the story, because the acceleration doesn’t stop once a mass falls out of a rocket. Once the mass has fallen out of the rocket, its speed goes up with gravity (the mass is still accelerating) and the velocity of the mass goes to zero. In other words, the acceleration goes to infinity, although it’s probably at least a little bit larger than that, depending on the specifics of the rocket and the rocket’s design and design parameters.

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This is an updated edition of an article appearing in the May 2013 issue of Physics World. The article is published in the section entitled “The Rocket Acceleration Problem”

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