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Most magnet devices (like a compass) are based on the principle that the material that conducts electricity can also have a magnetic field. This results in the magnet magnetizing objects which in turn attract the charges of the objects that are in contact with the charged magnet. Hence, a magnetic field is generated in the magnet and can attract or repel the objects which are in contact with it. In addition to this feature, the magnetic field can have its own direction, such as up and down (inversion), which might even be important for the use of magnetic fields in medical devices or some other applications.

Free Energy Device with magnet, for example, which has a magnetic field.

If I have an electric car, how do I transfer electricity from one car to the other?

There are quite a few advantages to having an electric car connected to a charging station which is located within your own home. You can drive while plugged into your home outlet for charging. It’s like having an electric car connected to your electric home power supply. Of course there are some things to be aware about that can be explained in more detail on this website: Electric Car – The Electric Car Basics.

How does the free energy device with magnetic levitation work?

The free energy device is equipped with an induction coil which consists of a coil that contains a magnetic field. When you bring the charge from a charged object and a magnetic field is generated in the device, then you will see that it levitates the charged object in an upright position. The magnetic field induced in the device is created by the power of light. The induction coil that the magnetic levitation device utilizes can be described as a superconducting metal ring which is attached to the top of the car and is controlled by magnets. The superconducting structure, as you can see from the pictures below, has a different structure in its magnetic field as compared to a conductive structure. In fact, instead of being directly connected to an external electrical source with current, the ring is directly connected to an external magnetic source via the magnets at its middle. This means that each time your car is being charged, at the same time, the magnetic levitation device is levitating a charge in your car.

The magnetic levitation device consists of an induction coil with magnetic field.

How is it possible that the magnetic levitations generated through the magnetic free energy device with magnetic levitation are not able to induce the levitation of the charged objects in the car?

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