What is free energy concept? – Free Energy Definition Thermodynamics Formulas Physics

It is a theoretical concept that tries to describe how many resources can be used equally by a human being, while limiting the need of material consumption.

When you have infinite amounts of energy, then you are just walking around at your normal speed, but when you have limited amounts of energy, then you are not aware of what is happening, hence, you feel a lack of energy and feel the need of a change on how you live your life.

That is the true purpose of energy – to help you in changing your life; it is not only going to give you the opportunity of spending more time in different places, but also making the environment less dangerous to you and your life.

It is easy to think that a person who is used to using heavy vehicles is going to have a hard time with electric vehicle due to the limited amount of energy available in a motor vehicle.

However, the true difference between the two is that the electric vehicle has the energy from the electricity network, so there is no reason to feel bad when the energy goes low due to the lack of transportation network, which is a fact that most people are facing today.

Why is Electric Vehicle so expensive?

In 2017 Tesla has set the price of the Tesla Model S for sale at Rs 36 lakh. The price of electric vehicle is far beyond expectations to the people.

The Tesla Model S has a price tag of Rs 30 lakh and it has a range of 200 kms. A battery packs of 2 kW cost about Rs 12.5 lakhs and about Rs 20 lakhs for the electric motor.

The range of electric vehicle is about 700 kms and after a year, the entire costs are covered by the buyers energy bill.

While many of the electric vehicles are equipped with lithium battery, the Tesla Model S can be used at low capacity. A typical Tesla vehicle has a capacity of 1,000KWh but at a full charge of 3,300KWh, the total cost will amount to almost Rs 1.5 lakhs and will take over ten years to pay for.

As per statistics, the cost of a battery packs in electric vehicles is around Rs 8,000. As for the actual electric vehicle that you buy, you will need around Rs 7 lakhs to recharge the battery.

A Tesla Model S is an amazing vehicle to drive, but at the same time, it is not free.

Here are some questions your Tesla Model S should look at

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