Who created free energy? – Free Energy Definition In Biochemistry

I’m not that smart.” This is a perfect example of the type of cognitive dissonance that happens when we try to understand the complex universe and its infinite number of constituents.

We can easily understand why many people believe in “God” as if he invented free energy, but without really understanding what that means or what the science does to support the position. We can also understand why many people have been duped into believing in creationism as the way to go for solving the problems of global warming, as explained by NASA scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe in a TEDx Talk. We can also understand why the majority of non-scientific people (with exceptions, such as science students) who believe in evolution believe in the theory of evolution through “natural selection.”

We can also understand why people who believe in intelligent design (ID) do not really understand what they are defending. In fact, I suspect that only about the 10,000 or so people who think the ID movement is a valid scientific theory really understand the science behind it.

Science is not a religion

When people who believe in intelligent design (ID) say that science is a religion, it’s not because religion is an objective way to understand the universe or something like it. Rather, we shouldn’t confuse religion or science together as the word “religion” is simply a label that the mind uses in order to better understand whatever they’re doing.

Some people who believe in creationism or intelligent design believe they want to understand nature and the universe on a rational basis, rather than in a supernatural manner (such as in religious doctrine or through the supernatural powers of other people). This isn’t necessarily accurate since religion and science do not necessarily have to be the same.

Science does use some concepts, concepts that are considered to be divine in nature—for example, “God” is a concept that is frequently found in scientific writings, such as the Book of Genesis. Religion also has concept of “God” that does not really exist, as discussed in Scientific Creationism: What If Your Religion Is True?

It is true that the concept of a “soul” of some sort exists (for example, in God Himself). However, the term “soul” is not only a term used within spiritual doctrines, such as Christianity, but is also employed to make sense of how humans in general behave in the world. In science, when we say “mind” we have no understanding what its role is in the physical world

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