What is a free energy device? – Most Advanced Free Energy Magnetic Motors

A Free energy device is made of a very small number of ordinary materials that will react with other materials in the environment. They then combine to form a new material. These materials are called Free Electrons. The name is of course derived from ‘free energy’, due to the inability of a Free Electron to collide with normal matter and gain kinetic energy.

What do Free Electrons do?
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As Electrons are electrically neutral they are not subject to the usual forces in matter. The free-electron, instead of passing through any material it simply gains no momentum. This gives it a kinetic energy of a tiny 0.2mJ, just a millionth of a percent of what an electric field exerts. It can move a large distance simply through its own kinetic energy.

How does it act like a proton?

The behaviour of Free Electrons is like that of a proton. They have a zero mass, but a zero potential, because they only gain kinetic energy. By acting like a proton they can break chemical bonds in the surrounding substance giving it a certain property of chemical bonding. The properties are so important to chemistry that they are usually expressed as molecular weights, or mass.

How does an Electron behave like a proton?

The electrons have energy, just like proton-electrons do. The difference however is that as the proton-electron pair loses energy, it becomes a proton again.

What is an electron magnet?

An Electron magnet is an electric field created by an Electron. An Electron magnet is a field that has an electron attached, like with the field of a magnet, but with a much stronger effect than that of a magnet’s. This is because the field has the effect of pushing an Electron.

Why is an Electron Magnet better than an electromagnetic field?

An Electron magnet is able to attract or repel Electrons. An Electron magnet will act as an electric field to push Electrons away from it. An Electron magnet is called a Faraday cage, because it requires a Faraday cage and Faraday wires to attract an Electron that cannot be attracted by them.

Free Electrons are very low cost and easy to make.

How do I make a Free Electron?

What you need is a Free Electron. It is an atomic electron. It is not, as with a normal electron, free to fall

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