Are guitar lessons worth it? – Learn To Play Guitar Online Lessons

“In my opinion, when you are learning guitar, lessons are very important. The goal of a lessons is not to learn a guitar by listening to a song or a performance. That is not going to help. I think a lot of lessons are done to prepare for the actual gig. That is why they are good or bad, depending on when you go.”

In contrast, some bands that can’t find a guitarist or singer willing to learn the music or the style have spent a great deal of money on private lessons with very successful instructors. “The difference is that some companies offer more than just a good sound. They also have to have more than a good idea of how to play. A little bit of practice and practice is going to help you improve, so why not start a band?”

Is buying gear worth it?

“I actually have many problems and issues with gear. For instance I have a Fender and it sounds better than my old Fender Twin [laughs]. The pickups are better, the controls are better, everything is better. But the guitar, the neck, and the fretboard are the same. So for me, I buy stuff I like and I love and I am happy. I just don’t have as many problems with it. [There are] some stuff that I really hate, but I just won’t buy it.”

Does it really matter which amps you choose?

“Well, it is a question of priorities. If you are going to spend $7,000 or $10,000 or $15,000 on a guitar, and you don’t spend $5,000 on a rack, you’re using a $500 amp. Maybe you are using a $500 amp and you still have $1,000 worth of amps you don’t have to buy new. It seems to me that you probably spend more for gear than for your time. That’s a bit of a different story for the guitar players and the players that play a lot. But for the rest of us—I don’t know if we have a clue in our heads—getting out some of that money or putting some of that in your pocket makes a difference. [For me], it is kind of about putting as much money as you can into it.”

Do you work with any other bands?

“Usually I go and play bass guitar with other people. You can get all you need from other people as far as gear and amps, but it does

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