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We have people over our kitchen island for several years, most recently my daughter (16). She was always a strong student, never failed a song. I just told myself, “if she can play my songs, she can do it!” She doesn’t have an instrument but I taught her how to play the guitar, just like the old days. My kids are so much more interested in music with guitars. My husband teaches them to play the guitar but sometimes his guitar is so loud it shuts them up. He can’t do that with a microphone either.

Any last comments? If so, where can we go to learn guitar?

We recently had a party and I had about thirty people join us. The weather was perfect and we could stay all night as well. I just bought a house in a beautiful suburb called “Hollywood” that was built in 1925. There’s a great school, but the teacher doesn’t listen very much to the teenagers, just to the adults. (We’ve tried to get more parents involved.) So, everyone just hangs out on the patio watching movies and enjoying the music. There is a music club in town for kids ages 6-12, but they do not care what you play. I wish we had more kids playing music. We have a lot left to learn.

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If you’ve been to a concert at any recent festival this summer, you may have noticed the large and very loud speaker systems surrounding the pit area.

These are the speakers that serve as the loudspeakers for several acts during a headlining set—some of which will make your ears tingle and the heart beat faster while others will make you feel like your head is about to explode.

But there are a few things to consider before throwing your money (and/or your seat) at one of these systems.

Does the set-up make the music any less enjoyable?

In the past, venues like Roxy Theater’s Roxy Music Hall and the Greek Theatre’s Fiddler’s Green were notorious for the number of people who wanted to “rock the boat.” A small but vocal minority of concertgoers complained over and over that the set-up could ruin the experience for everyone else—no one was happy that the sound system in this venue was louder than one would expect outside of a loud band show.

But the newer generation of

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