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It’s difficult in the long run but people are eager to read good-quality material. We have two or three full-time writers as well.

You write primarily in German. Is your approach there different than in English?

I guess so. When you write in German you are thinking about things with a very specific context. You are much more interested in what are the cultural values: the way we interpret the stories, the way they are done. German is more inclined to be very open. You need more space and a little more freedom for a work of literature. When you come to English, you are much more closed and you’re afraid of not being understood; so you don’t want to give enough space to the reader to understand the story.

When you begin writing in English, what are you trying to achieve with the work?

In my case, it’s about creating something new and interesting, about a feeling that has not been experienced before. That’s why the first work has a different dimension. There is something in it.

One other thing. Do you have a particular favourite book at this juncture?

It’s a book by a young Polish writer I read and liked quite a lot. This book is called A Dreamy Story and it is about a girl who finds herself at the edge as she is not yet mature.

For a young, young writer, what was your reaction when you first came across the works of Dostoevsky?

I was a bit surprised because to me this guy was not yet in the position to find himself at the edge. But that seems to me to be an indication of his future. I was able to appreciate him immediately. I read a lot of great literature of my own times: Shakespeare, Milton, Balzac. But I feel that Dostoevsky still retains a certain charm; that his books still capture my imagination.

How do you feel about contemporary literature and why did you pick to do a novel about it?

It’s no longer an art and a science of what is possible, which one should or shouldn’t write. Literature is always developing. You read a great novel once and you like it. But I have no problem to read the old books and say, “You know, this was an amazing book.” But I see only a beginning, a beginning that has not been fully appreciated yet.

In the book, you mention being inspired to write the novel

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