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Edit any photos and videos in Photoshop, then turn those editing functions on for a seamless interface that enhances photo composition. Photoshop’s editing tools include: Lens Blur, Lens Fix, Lens Correction, Portrait Lens Adjustments, Highlight Enhancements, Lightness Adjustments, Highlights Optimizations, and Noise Reduction. All photos are adjusted automatically by default. When users edit a photo with the camera or video device attached, they can turn on the built-in Lens Blur filter: This filters out all visible background details, making the picture clearer. (Or, for the ultimate editability, turn off Lens Blur from the settings menu to make the photo look like a blank canvas.) Learn how.

Photoshop can also automatically adjust brightness and contrast settings automatically for every photo. Turn on these adjustments from the Photoshop settings menu.

Photoshop also offers Smart Color adjustments, which can transform your photo and video with a variety of colors and patterns. Turn on Smart Color from the Photoshop settings menu. You can find more information in our tutorial.

Photoshop can also automatically apply filters to photos. You can use a filter from the filters palette. The color presets that are available vary by photo type; see the following section for what you’ll see in your image. You can also turn off this setting by editing the image before the image is saved.

Photoshop makes it easier to work with photos. You can turn on automatic adjustment tools, which are used to adjust the brightness of your subject, or adjust the contrast, noise, and sharpness of your background. To turn on a feature from the image settings menu, you’ll need to click the tool in the tools list.

You can also turn off color presets (like green and blue) and apply preset profiles of your own choosing.

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How is Photoshop different than Adobe Lightroom? Lightroom is our open source, cross-platform photo editing program and the standard for photo quality and editing. Its core principles include a powerful, scalable and free editing interface that lets you work with photos even at a high level of detail. The result is an intuitive, fast and efficient editing environment that provides the highest-quality editing, at very little cost. Learn more.

Are there other products on the market that can do a similar job? No! With Photoshop, we focus on delivering the best editing and image quality as we know they need it the most. That’s why our free versions of Lightroom and Adobe’s InDesign photo editor are extremely popular

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