Do all photographers use Photoshop?

The more powerful versions of Photoshop are only good for the most common tasks of getting a decent file size, or at least saving some screen space on a larger file size.

I use photoshop on my iPad 2 running the latest version but it works on any camera that supports the most recent version of the app and works on computers too (if your computer supports these plugins).

What is the best quality?

You have to do your research as to what you’re looking for (or are afraid of) and be prepared to take a risk.

If you’re thinking about shooting an intimate portrait of a family member or your best friend then you may need to think twice about the high quality files you’re trying to save. Your subject could have a large head, long hair etc. or his face could be unrecognizable and take some time to create. You have to think carefully about how good your images look or how expensive they will be to buy.

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Can I pay more for better quality files?

You can if you know what you’re doing but it is more expensive just waiting for a picture to become available. The more expensive the file the longer it will take to get good quality.

Can a camera record at 4K and still have enough space saved to produce a decent file?

There are 4K cameras but they are pretty expensive. Even a small professional can get a good quality 4K camera for about $500 and there’s no free ride. That is about the cost of buying a house.

Does a camera have to have an external recorder?

No. Some people do buy a small external recorder and use it for their photos. The best camera is the one that has the capabilities and can record at a good quality. I have been using an old Nikon D4 and it still records very nicely, but I wish it had been a better camera at the time.

How fast can an iPhone or other device record HD photos and videos? Why?

There’s an iPhone running 10.1.3 which supports iOS 11 so I don’t have to worry about using third party apps like Instagram etc. but it’s an old phone and will run into the limitations that come with an older operating system.

Can I shoot RAW files with the iPhone?

Yes. They come with iOS versions which can handle RAW files so that won’t be an issue with the iPhone 6s (as it has RAW) unless you have a specific