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The last two days were tough on a few of the NFL’s biggest names.

Alfred Morris left Sunday’s game against the Saints and was taken in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys, making him one of the least-expected moves of the day.

Also out was Dallas defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. It turns out Lawrence had a torn ACL, as well as a partially dislocated elbow.

The Cowboys will place his status for the 2015 season into the hands of his surgeon, Robert Anderson, who said that Lawrence is out for the entire season.

Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones confirmed that the team will need to see about the availability of his other top prospects before making a decision.

“They’ve been out of practice, as they should be, the last month or so,” Jones said to USA Today Sports following the morning session. “But we’ll sit down with him (Anderson) to look at it. At the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if I see him this week. Then we’ll decide.”

The injuries come at a time where the Cowboys still have a chance to improve and win their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

This week’s blog post is all about the new release of the Tiki, a set of custom designs for your home bar, that has taken home the coveted “Bar Design of the Year” title.

If you haven’t read our post on the creation of our new Tiki last week – be sure to read it as it is an in-depth look into the creation of our new Bar, and why we decided to make the Tiki a “Tiki bar”.

The key concepts of the bar were the use of old-fashioned glass bottles as the centerpiece, the use of custom wood panels to create the bar’s floor, and an exclusive, limited edition paint scheme.

As for us, we’ve never seen the point of custom designs, so we had to design the bar using existing fixtures that we already had. The majority were made from old stock oak work, but we also had some of the original pieces of reclaimed wood from the old interior of the Tiki’s former guest house located in Portland’s Tiki Quarter.

The new Tiki will be based on the original design’s concept and theme, although I do have to admit it would be cool to see the original Tiki’s exterior look and feel like it did