Do National Geographic photographers use Photoshop? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Photoshop Cs6

The National Geographic photographers use only the Adobe Photoshop software.

Are photographers allowed to do their work at a beach or an outdoors location?

Photographers may take photographs in any place that the photographer permits.

If a National Geographic photographer is doing a picture, and it includes photographs of other people, or places that are not National Geographic photos, is that correct?

No, National Geographic photographers are not permitted to add photographs of other people, people’s houses or public places to the photographs they use for our pictures.

Are photographs of animals in the wild and wildlife captured at a National Geographic Photo Gallery/Nature Vault or other National Geographic photo gallery?

The National Geographic photographers are generally allowed to take photographs of animals in the wild and wildlife captured at a National Geographic Photo Gallery or Nature Vault, but they may require their images to be edited to remove animals, wildlife and/or scenes that are illegal under the Federal, State and local laws concerning animals, and to remove information that is offensive, indecent, or distasteful to the viewer.

Can I get the National Geographic logo?

Yes, you can ask the National Geographic photographers why they have the logo and if you would like to have it removed. You can do so at your local National Geographic Photo Gallery.

How do I change or edit the text that accompanies a picture of a National Geographic photo of a wildlife experience, such as a deer hunt?

You may edit the text to indicate the nature of the animal or landscape, as you see fit.

Can I take photographs of myself or family members?

NO, National Geographic photographers may not photograph yourself or family members, or their faces.

Can I take photographs of the National Geographic photos?

You may take photographs of the National Geographic photos at any time, and they are usually available for purchase. The National Geographic photography books, brochures, and magazine ads contain the photography information. You can access the National Geographic Photography App for iPhone and Android devices. For your convenience, you may purchase photos through this website.

What do we do with wildlife?

The National Geographic photographers may capture wildlife as they see fit. They may not photograph large animals that would cause undue hardship to the photographers. When we capture wildlife, we do not use professional cameras. We take pictures from various locations for our National Geographic photo galleries and Nature Vaults. We also use images of wild animals from National Geographic staff and scientific research institutions.

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