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They are, of course, to remove unwanted objects, change color, size and add/remove layers.

Removing unwanted objects

Before it was possible to take a photograph in a high resolution, there was a whole lot of manual work involved. Many manual tools were necessary.

1. Photoshoot the scene

Photoshop is a simple program that is used for many types of photography. It lets you take photos of the scene, and then it lets you edit it. Photoshop’s primary function is creating and editing photographs. You do not use it to make art. You use it to create photographs.

If you have a camera which you can take photographs with, then it’s time to start editing. Use the menu to start editing. It’s not hard to do. There are lots of presets you can put in Photoshop to give your pictures a more stylized look or to make the photo into a piece of art or a collage. You don’t have to do anything for it to work right. You just have to set the parameters you are looking for. There are three main parameters—Lens, Light and Texture. Lense lets you adjust the distance of the lens. Light plays a role too. You may think it’s only a tiny little amount, but make sure you set it properly.
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Before changing anything else, make sure that you have something to keep it from fading. Light will help it come out better, but it also hides the shadows or highlights. Remember that the longer you remove a light, the less light you have. Set it high enough so it doesn’t bleed into the other stuff like texture if there is none.

If you want to use a texture, make sure the texture is only there for decoration. Do not make it permanent, especially if you want a print. You can’t remove it later!

Next, click anywhere in the preview bar to stop and save. If you don’t see a save button on the title bar, click somewhere else near the top. There are five different options you can choose—Batch, Save as, Cut, Copy and Paste. The Batch option lets you change the camera roll size or the number of layers. It makes it easier if you want to make the photos bigger.

Save as lets you save your photo.

Save as as a Batch (5)

If you want to change the photo before its being saved for later editing, go to the Edit tab and click

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