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Why or why not? What is the difference between a professional photographer and a casual-purpose one? Does Photoshop work better for photography or photo editing/poster art?
In this article, I will explore what Photoshop’s features really do and how they could make the digital photography trade a lot more exciting.
One of the most popular websites for digital photography is Pixabay. Their blog is packed with great information about Photoshop. They also run a great event series, which is the best way to learn from their experience. Here are a few highlights from their blog:
1. Understanding the difference between a professional photographer and a casual-purpose one  
A professional photographer will use Photoshop to bring every possible detail to life. Even the most basic of details can be recreated with the right camera setting and lighting conditions. (They’ll even go on to give you a little tips on how to make them more interesting.) However, what is so special about a professional photographer’s images that he or she needs to spend hours and hours painstakingly capturing just that and nothing else? Well, while the pros can spend hours creating a detail, you can learn and practice without too much hassle. Simply learn the basics – use your computer, take your camera and use your knowledge.  
2. Using Photoshop to enhance your photos  
Using Photoshop is another way to enhance the “original” with your own photos, but that’s for when you want something very specific. In all reality, it can just as well just enhance everything you do with your computer. A lot of photos can be enhanced through just a few Photoshop commands. Here is a typical example from an article by the photographer Daniel S. Jones titled “How To Use Photoshop to Enhance Your Photos.”
3. How to quickly add a photo using your computer  
The process of “re-framing” photos is something that needs to be mastered by every photographer to produce great results every time. A basic technique of applying a “time lapse” effect to your photos is a quick way to add time lapse to your photos quickly. Here are just a few simple steps to get started:
– Use the “Time Lapse” button (on the right) – Select the photo you need to “re-frame” – Click on the “Time Lapse” button – Now select one of your photos to “frame” again – Click on the “Time Lapse” button – Now click again on the photo to “re-frame” – And repeat this until all your photos

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