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I can’t find anything on the Internet for this, but do you really need this? If you do, what is it, and how do you think it is used? I have no interest in using it with my photos, so I don’t know if the answer is “yes, no, or maybe?” What is it, why are you reading this, and what kind of question would you have for me?


The photographer who has never used Photoshop in his/her professional life


What is it?

If you’re a woman living in or thinking about moving to Los Angeles, you’re probably wondering what your options are regarding birth control. The options are many, and often involve a few key factors.

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First, how long do you want to use birth control? Is it just a two-year window, or a three- or five-year cycle? Is it single-use or reusable? How much time will you spend worrying about a potentially failed pregnancy, than getting paid to do something worthwhile, or getting a new apartment or job? How much money will you have spent on birth control, and how much money are you prepared to spend on abortion or STDs?

The answer for everyone is that each of these questions depends on several things:

Your current level of religious observance. It’s always important to be honest when answering this question, and I’m sure many people would prefer to know the truth first. However, it is important to know where you are currently located in relation to the culture in which you live. For example, in a community where there is no particular stigma over sex, some women may be uncomfortable about taking the pill. It may be hard just to “get it over with.” On the other hand, women in a community with high sex and drug use rates may not have the same difficulty in keeping an open mind about it. The level of education you have. Even women in a Catholic community still worry about using birth control and getting pregnant. They know some people they know will want to talk to a priest about their situation, even if they don’t have one themselves. That could include a friend who will take you to a birth control clinic. On the flip side, some women may not have the means to get on contraception and make sure it is working for them. The number of children you have. Most people will know it’s not easy to have children without the financial means to do so and without

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