What is the difference between line editing and copyediting? – Photo Editing Basics

Edit/copy: A line edit or copy is essentially the same as a single copy, except it contains all the original text before any cut. All other changes, such as highlighting, corrections, formatting etc. make it a line edit; no other changes may apply to or be applied to the copied text. Line edit: In the above example, one could imagine that the copy/pasting of the first line is the line edit, and the new “text” as the entire original line. In other words the text that was “copied” is the same that the original is copied from. Line edits typically have fewer restrictions and are more flexible than copy/pasting: they can be applied to any portion of the original text, and can use the whole (non-copied) or part of the original without affecting the original and so on. Note: The original is copied, not copied back into place. You are still left with the old text. Edit/copy: The most important difference in text editing is the way that the original text is edited. This is often called “copy-editing.” The key phrase in this area is “copy and paste.” The copy is what is being copied, and the paste is the text. If your intention was to create a “copy” of the original, and you did not, then you cannot “paste” it back. The only way that you can do this is by copying it to a new document. “Paste” is to copy it directly from a document (such as Word) to the current document, and then go back to it again with the original document, and so on. So if your original line is copied to a new document with the original paragraph, then from that document you can paste the line, and then from that document you can paste the new paragraph, all without affecting the original text. You may, perhaps, add another copy (using one of these methods) of the original text before inserting the first copy for each new copy. This is the main difference between line editing and copy editing. The line in the second example may be copied using the same methods of copy and paste, but the third example would be an “exact” copy of the first line: Line editing/copy: Because of the difference between “copy and paste” and “line editing,” the word “copy” in the examples should be read with two meanings: Line editing (i.e., “copy and paste”): The process of editing a printed text
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