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Why can video be manipulated? Why can the same video be viewed in real time and be zoomed or zoomed out? Why can we change the colors of things? What is the difference between real life and a cartoon, or between real life and a movie, and so on? There are countless questions in this area. The first important idea to grasp in these matters is how image can be manipulated. The basic idea is that it is possible to manipulate the image (and the information in it) in certain ways.

How is Image Manipulation Possible?

Let’s start from the simplest possible image manipulation, but one that is also very very simple to understand. For this, I’ll use a photo of the Earth I took when I was very very innocent (myself). You can see it is not very bright, and you have to put in a very big magnifying glass on the photo to see the details. Imagine it as a photo of the earth, all made up with a flat background and all that.

Now, let’s imagine that I want to put the information into the image the way we are about to see it, and use the magnifying glass. With a simple mathematical expression (not too difficult of an concept), you can easily manipulate the brightness and brightness range of this photo.

Image manipulation is a very very powerful thing. When you understand the basic techniques, you will be able to do any number of things very quickly. This may not seem like it, but it is very powerful.

What Can I Do with this Magnifying Glass?

Imagine a big, bright square on the ground. You put in the magnifying glass, and then click on the center of the square and it changes to the picture below. You can click and select, change the color of it, make it smaller, increase the magnification, or just keep that image. In this example, we can use whatever we know about image manipulation to make this image as big as possible.

Imagine that the big picture is the background, and this small picture is an object in the foreground. You then click on it and it changes to the picture below. Now you can change its colors to green, orange, yellow, and purple.

Let’s see how that works.

How Does Image Manipulation Work?

Okay, so now you have put the magnifying glass on the photo above. But what is the image now? In this next photo, you can click on it

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