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Do I even need to write reviews?

No. It’s really easy! You only need to look at the book, figure out who the characters are and then write a paragraph or two outlining their life. So what about those reviews you hear so much about? What’s wrong with that?

Writing a book review is easy, you just need to follow the rules and read the book so you know the reader’s tastes. Sure you’ll probably have to write a few hundred words, but those are the easy ones. Don’t read anything longer than 3,000 words. That isn’t worth taking up the energy. And don’t start by giving positive and negative points to each book. You want the reader to feel a little ambivalent before they start.

The hardest sections are probably those about characters we don’t understand or relate to. Try to tell what the reader is feeling. If you’re not sure, take a look at other reviews.

As far as writing a book review, there are three main things we want:

The book to be well written. A great writer knows how to make a good story. People in general who like books need to read good books. The author (if they’re female). And the book should be something that’s easy for people to understand.

That’s it! Don’t try to beat them to it by telling them how it is or why it’s good. That kind of “expertise” is pointless and dull.

From Team Fortress Wiki

” A team with 10% less health can lose you! — The Soldier. You guys know I’m not one for metaphors! ”

The Powerjack is a community-created cosmetic item for the Medic. It is a black-and-orange powerjack, with the Medic’s signature red ‘Flaming’ Hat, with orange stitching and white ribbons. It also includes a black pair of goggles. The item is awarded during the Medic vs. Machine Update.

The Powerjack was contributed to the Steam Workshop; as a placeholder name, the item’s page title could have been replaced with “powerjack”.

Painted variants

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Single colors An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge Color No. 216-190-216 Peculiarly Drab Tincture Aged Moustache Grey A Distinctive Lack of Hue After

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