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Which of these three editing styles would you like to switch to?

Featuring all of the new characters from Season 3, this new storyline begins a new chapter for the show. The events of the “Red, White & Blue” storyline will continue to unfold in the next season. With the series starting to draw to a close, the season is coming to a conclusion.

Join us next time for another look at how the characters from “Red, White & Blue” were brought to a conclusion.

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DALLAS – It was the one thing that the Dallas Stars needed that day when they got the disappointing news they had to send Antoine Roussel to the press box: a spark.

“We needed that,” coach Lindy Ruff said. “Just to give them some energy and some energy to keep fighting back. We’ve had to play the guys that we believe will play next year – maybe not always the most-efficient team, but they’re tough and they’re good defensive players. This is something you have to do.”

Roussel, however, said Saturday’s 5-1 win at home against the Tampa Bay Lightning – in which he gave up only one goal on 18 shots over 36 minutes – was the exception to the rule.

“I didn’t think I was doing too bad. I thought I was good,” he said.

As for a change in his role, Roussel said, “I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t know. There’s some things I want to try to fix, and there’s some things I can’t change about my game. I think I did just enough tonight to win.”

After that, there were not many other positive words for the Stars going forward.

“I’m not sure why we lost that game,” Stars defenseman Alex Goligoski said. “It felt like they were the better team and they scored three, maybe four goals. It seemed like Dallas had the puck more. I think it was a little too easy.”

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