How do I edit photos on my phone like a pro? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Lightroom Vs Photoshop Comparison

How do I use my phone like an iPad?

How do I keep my phone clean?

Are there shortcuts?

What other apps are also compatible with the LG G3?

How do I update Samsung Knox?

How do I upgrade to Android Wear 2.0 on my device?

How do I change my home screen to be more like an iPad?

You can also try the LG G3 Apps for the Android Mobile OS.

This collection of programs also contain the LG G3 Android Apps.

The LG G3 for Windows Phone now supports the following Android apps:

Android Apps for Windows Phone – LG G3 Android Apps for Windows Phone

How do I install LG G3 on Android?

How can I share photos in the gallery?

How do I set keyboard shortcut on my LG G3? You can even set a shortcut on Android in your system. That way, you can change the keyboard shortcut on your device.

The LG G3 has two different keyboard layouts.

Keyboard layout of LG G3 (S)

Keyboard layout of LG G3 (A)

Keyboard layout of LG G3 (M)

How to use the LG G3 with the Android Mobile OS

The LG G3 can be used on Android mobile OS as a regular device.

With the LG G3, you can use your Android smartphone as a PC.

With the LG G3, you can run your Android PC or Mac.

All of you can use the LG G3 as your PC or Mac.

Android apps for the Google Play Store

These LG G3 for Android apps are available for Google Play Android.

The LG G3 for Android apps make use of Android SmartGlass.

SmartGlass lets you connect to your Android device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. On the LG G3, the LG G4, LG G5, LG G6, LG G7, LG G8, LG G9, LG G10, LG G10 Lite and LG V20 we’re available for use.

SmartGlass, which combines your Android smartphone’s display, microphone, camera, location, contacts, music and more into one big interface, enables the LG G3 to look and feel like a tablet.

On the LG G3 you can also use the LG G3’s powerful camera and voice recognition

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