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edit] Creating and using your edits

If you create an edit, you can save it to a file by clicking the save toolbar button. You can also right-click on an edit and choose Save as File to save the edit in your system’s default folder. To edit an existing edit or copy it to another location on the game’s hard drive, click the Edit button.

To rename an existing edit, select the Edit button, type in a name and choose Revert to previous name from the menu.

To move an existing edit to a new location on the game’s hard drive, click the Edit button, select an existing location on the game’s hard drive and choose Move to the new location.

To edit part of an edit’s location on the game’s hard drive, select the Edit… button from the Edit menu on the Hard Drive menu, then click the Edit button.

To edit an edit that was already copied to your current hard drive, see Move an existing edit.

To copy an edit from another location on the game’s hard drive to this location on your other hard drive, see Copy an existing edit.

edit] Creating backups of your edits

By default, your edits are saved on the external Hard Drive and only backed up to the internal Hard Drive when used for game play.

To create a Back Up folder, right-click your game on the hard drive and choose Create backup… , where you can specify the location of a backup folder, a path to a destination drive or click Save to automatically create a backup of the current folder.

By default, your edit’s location is the current folder when you change your location during play. To revert your edits, rename them using the Edit/Revert button, or select them and click on the Back up folders… button.

edit] Importing other people’s edited edits from your computer

You can use another player’s updated edits in your game.

If your player edits your game, they can import them. These edits can be saved by clicking the File… button.

To import any other player’s edits from your computer, see Import from other computer.

edit] Editing your game configuration

To modify your game’s system files, edit the System.ini file.

If your game doesn’t appear to be running normally, click the “Exit” button on the main entry to quit and then click the “Settings” button in the

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