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A: Download and install the free “Photoshop Express” free software for Windows or Mac. Follow the installation instructions to install Photoshop for Windows. Follow the installation instructions for the other versions of Photoshop. You can either download the files from the “Downloads” section at the top of this page or directly purchase them from your local office supply store. Note the following:

Photoshop is a “free” application. The more you use Photoshop, the more you pay for it.

Photoshop cannot edit photos and cannot create custom effects.

You can save the images you get in Photoshop and then use those images in other programs, like Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, etc., for free. However, you can also export the images, then import them in your programs for use and royalty-free commercial use.

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To export to Photoshop, click the Export icon:

Step 2: Import the files (or drag & drop)

A: Once you have purchased Photoshop as a full-time version or a limited-time version, it will be listed in the “File” menu at the top, underneath the “Export” button.

You need to select the folders containing the exported images by hand. You can do this by double-clicking on the items. If you use Mac OS X, select “All Files” and “Open” and open each folder in its own file browser. For Windows, you can navigate to each file location by simply clicking on the file, which may be a different folder altogether, in either your Finder or your Internet Explorer file browser. The folder paths on Windows may be different from the folder paths on your Mac.

After you select the folder folders, you need to go to the “View” or “Edit” menu. For each of those menus, select the “File” or “Import” menu button, respectively.

Step 3: Apply your changes

A: Open each folder you have selected by clicking the “Browse” or “Open” menu. Click the “Object” or “Import” link to load the image into Photoshop (if you import an image from a saved file, the “Import Image” link will open a dialogue box).

Note that this process takes several hours to complete, depending upon the resolution of your images. I usually take several hours to complete it, depending on how many images I have imported.

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