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What is there to learn?

Learning a digital interface can be as easy as finding an online tutorial from one you like and watching it run in your face for 20 minutes. It should be as smooth and comfortable as using a computer on a desk. If you can take the time to learn how to do a few basic things like adjusting the angle and position of the lens with your eyes (it’s one of the few skills that you can always apply in a photo) before taking your own photos, and learning how the software reacts and adjusts to your body positioning, and adjusting your perspective, and it’s all done in seconds, you’ve found the right tool.

In this post, I go through how I took the photos for the clothing examples, and what I learned and what lessons I made.

Getting Started with Photoshop

So that was easy enough, as I didn’t need to find any of those tutorials, just follow a few steps and find an online tutorial. I used Adobe’s Online Community to find tutorials for this process.

I read the tutorials and tried to copy as many tips and techniques they had. For instance, I was just taking a photo of the hood, and had no idea how to adjust the background or adjust the positioning. It’s easy in Photoshop to just resize and crop a photograph and take the photograph, but that’s not really the easiest thing to do, so I did my research and read tutorials to see what I could apply and that works for me.

If anything could learn from this process, it’s just to find something that works for you in the first place. If you’re just getting started using Photoshop, get a good basic tutorial. If you’re in a hurry, don’t waste time! Once you’re comfortable taking your own photos and adjusting your perspective and background, you can see if there’s any need for learning more.

Getting Started With Photoshop

There were a few steps I went through that got very helpful, and it took my pictures to a whole new level. Here are those steps:

Getting Set Up for Photoshop

To start, let’s get our camera set up properly. You’ll want an ISO of around 1600, and for the purposes of this tutorial, I did a set-up in the 1600-4000s. This means that these photos will be a bit darker than what the photo would normally get used for. You do not want to try this photo in daylight! (It was a perfect shot at the

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