How do you edit pictures perfectly?

How much do you work on it? Does it really matter?” In my head I can think of a hundred ways to edit a picture perfectly. I can look at them and go “Oh gosh this needs a little more light here”. “It needs to be closer to the sun or something.” “Let’s move the snow out in front of this mountain!”. The list goes on and on… I know the solution to every photo problem (except maybe when someone asks for help with some pictures) and I would love to see the other guys come up with the perfect edits. There are not a lot of editors who work for a living so if there is any type of community, anyone could step up and provide those skills for free. If I was an editor, I’d want it to be fun, I’d have friends I can learn from that can help me with my projects. If they can tell the difference between a good and a bad shot, that’s all I need to learn.

What is your main job? What do you do in the summer? I do a lot of research and I’m a big fan of sports, and I’m also really good at editing. I think my biggest projects of the summer were the “Seahawks” series. I went to the Super Bowl for the first time with Jeff and he made it easy to do his job.

How do you spend your free time? What time is the rest of your life spent at home? We all have busy lives. Even if you get in to work and you go home you probably can’t get in to the computer for about half the day and you don’t get much done. If you do that you probably have a lot of free time to do more things to make yourself happier. I don’t spend any of my free time at home.

What is a work-week like for you? I get up at 7am and I check Twitter, see something on the news or an article that might interest me, or I read something to my wife and we get going. It usually takes around 1/2 hour to read the article to get it through the first paragraph and if that doesn’t work I do some research or go to the library. That’s how I work out my day.

Do you have to put down your phone while working on a project? Not really. You have to get in the habit of using your iPhone sometimes, because I have always been a fan of the Apple product.

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