What’s the best free photo editor?

It depends on your needs! Here are some of the most popular photo editor you can use:


VLC Media Player

VSCO CamStudio

VSCO Photo Recorder

Adobe Lightroom

Final Cut Pro X

EOS Photos

Dell Photosmart

Apple iPhoto

Movies & TV Show

GIMP is an image editing suite for Mac that’s easy to use, fast and versatile. It also provides a ton of features you just can’t find in many other photo editing apps.

VSCO CamStudio is a free version of the CamStudio photo capture app. It’s a fantastic tool for making beautiful cinematic still photos, even if you’re not shooting video and don’t know how.

VSCO Photo Recorder is an app that lets you record your own YouTube videos to your computer and share them with friends. It’s pretty good for recording the daily routine and getting an idea of your personal life.

Adobe Lightroom lets you import your photos to a Windows or Mac computers. It’s free and easy to use but you don’t get the full suite of photo editing tools available in other photo editors.

The best photo editor for PC?

If you want a Mac, or Linux, you need a photo editing program from Adobe. You can only use Photoshop on a Mac.

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You don’t have to use Photo Recorder, so this is also a good choice if you just want to record some music or videos, or are making music for your music project.

VSCO Photo Recorder is great for people with low computer or bandwidth connections (around 1 GB download), it’s the only photo editing program you’ll need to download to your computer.

Movies & TV Show

If you like to watch TV or films, you’ll love Macromedia Flash Player. With Flash Player you can watch DVDs and other media files directly on your computer (via your Internet connection) if you don’t have access to the original media file.

Macromedia Flash Player allows you to quickly play your media on your device. All the files you can download are fully compatible by Adobe. Just install the software and choose the player you wish to use.

Final Cut Pro X is a complete application in order to edit video and audio files without the need of editing software. As a good part of the video editing software, you will