How do you remove clothes from Iphone photos?

In general, when a photo is taken a photo app creates the most basic form: an Iphone photo with a thumbnail. So, in this example, the app would take a picture of the front-facing camera and send a picture of the rear-facing camera.

After this, the image will be stored in the image/jpeg/thumbnail directory. However these files would not be available inside the iOS Photos app and so this is where the issue lies. Here is the code I used to accomplish this:

#include #include #include “SDBApplication_main.h” #include “SDBApplication_drawing.h” #include “SDBApplication_UIBar.h” int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { SDBApplication *app = (SDBApplication *) argc; while ((app = av_app_main(app)) != -1) { // Remove all the non-text elements of a photo to make room for the text and other information in the UI bar for (uint i = 0; i < app->data.size(); i++) { app->data[i]->setTextColor(AppCompat.color(argv[i])); AppCompat.UI(app); } // Return the image, or get back its thumbnail if image is found if (!(image = av_findImage(app->data.privateUICameraImage, i))) { return app->data[i]; } // Remove all the photos, and all the images that are in the app from the list of photos // to make room for the UI elements for (uint i = 0; i < app->data.size(); i++) { av_popUpImage(app->data.privateUICameraImage, i); photoImage = av_popUpPhoto(app->data.privateUICameraPhoto, i); av_removePhotos(app->data.privateUICameraPhoto); av_popUpPhoto(app->data.privateUICameraPhoto, i); } } // Return the last photo, or get back its thumbnail if photo is found if (!(photoImage = av_findPhoto(app->data.privateUICameraImage, i))) { return app->data[i]; } // Show the UI app->closeAnimation(