What app do photographers use to edit pictures?

Here’s an interesting article on the ‘Art of Picture Editing’ series, which explores the creative process of the pros:

The pros and cons of picture editing

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Can I just pick one product and stick with it?

No way! If you are doing it professionally, you will also want to get access to better technology and software. There’s a reason some commercial outfits, like The Fine Art of Fine Art (a leading photography and visual design consultancy) hire the same people for both the professional and the “unprofessional” side of their work.

A great way is to look up the services of some industry professionals and ask, “Who are the people that I can trust who can do what I need and on a budget that I can afford? It’s a better idea to go with them.” There are a range of reputable services around the world, from commercial outfits to independent studios, that know how to make an impact.

Is it worth the time?

No, it’s not – you are missing out on a lot (and even then it’s only marginally better than your average day of “doing things”). You might also end up with some poor pictures, but it’s a start. The more time you invest in photo-editing, the more confident you will become, and the quicker you will become a professional.

Why do I care so much about the results of my pictures?

Because you want this world to be a better place, and if the results are less than pleasing, you want to know what went wrong.

How to make better pictures: 10 photos that won’t be published

If you have read about the pros and cons of photo-editing before, it is now time to get serious and try some simple tricks to improve your images. These 10 photos would never be published in a high-street paper, but this is an important article to read if you want to create great pictures.

These are the worst images created by the worst people! Here are the images taken by these people:

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So what do you think?

Are there any tips I didn’t get across? Do you agree with the pros when it comes to photo-editing:

The pros don’t know how they should