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From the time we make something like this until publication? That’s just a guess. My sense is something like a year, from my point of view. You know, it’s just like every other piece of art you come across. You see things for one or two years before you can actually get something done that way.

Are you ever surprised at the outcome of the film?

I had no idea that it would be as well received as it was.

Were you worried about its staying power or was there a bit nervous about it going out, or was that just you being anxious?

Oh, nothing about it, because I don’t work in film.

Has anyone seen a version of the film that was edited?

Well, for the DVD, I did a lot of it myself and for the feature, I had people who worked with me make edits. And I think the thing I can be happy about is, I think the audiences enjoyed it. I think there’s some films that work for audiences that are very well known. It’s not for everyone, but there are some films that are very well-known that aren’t that great films, that don’t have an interesting plot or that don’t tell stories that don’t resonate with viewers. For me, I like movies that have a narrative that’s compelling to audiences and that gives people something to think about. That’s always been the case as far as I’m concerned, but I think it’s getting harder in the past ten or twenty years. Nowadays, if you made a film and somebody told you it had the world’s largest audience at the box office and the audience was very engaged, that would be pretty awesome, because that opens up a lot of doors. But there are other examples of films that didn’t really have that kind of appeal that were, to be honest, a little disappointing for me. That’s the beauty of the Internet and you hear about the big releases, but the average moviegoers might not even know that. They might have seen something that’s so uninteresting that it wasn’t as good as the average film. So there’s some films that do have the audience but then the audience doesn’t really buy into the film and that’s fine, because there’s other things that work so well on the Internet that most people haven’t heard about. It’s like the Internet, it’s like something that you see in movies a lot, but the average person might not have heard about. They

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