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Lightroom is a full-fledged editing program that’s available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Linux-based tablets and mobile phones. It’s also free for any user to try for 30 days. You’ll also need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software to read PDF, A4, and A5 images and to convert the files to other formats such as jpeg, png, or bmp. Download it for Mac at

If you’re using the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac, the Mac version is bundled with Lightroom. You’ll get your free trial when you buy the full version. For Windows and Linux, download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows ( and for Linux by clicking here.

On your Windows or Linux computers and tablets, Lightroom can be downloaded here. For those devices, it will need a USB connection via your Mac computer or Tablet computer. A Lightroom installation will also automatically download on your Mac.

What are Lightroom previews?

One of Lightroom’s best features is the ability to preview raw files with a preview of how the file is going to look in Lightroom. Lightroom previews don’t work for every file and won’t work on older versions of Lightroom. If Lightroom is missing a file. Click the image of the image that doesn’t work, and choose Download Preview and the file is available for download.

What’s a preview file?

A preview file means the file will appear in Lightroom, but won’t yet have all of its metadata (ex: name, date, etc.) displayed. Also, a preview doesn’t show you how the file will actually look in the final version of Lightroom (i.e. Photoshop CS6 previews). A preview file is a compressed RAW file that contains a list of metadata and information about the image such as:

Date : A date on which the file was extracted

: A date on which the file was extracted Name : The name of the image that was previewed

How to Add Frames to Photos Using Photoshop and Lightroom
: The name of the image that was previewed Camera : The file’s camera name

: The file’s camera name File: The original RAW file name and location

What’s a file?

A file is a compressed image. Lightroom allows you to create a Lightroom preview file of images to use in post processing, or download a Lightroom preview file of an image to

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