Is Darktable as good as Lightroom?

Well, as of now the answer is no. We can give you an example of how things might look with Lightroom:

And as you can see, the only thing that’s missing is a little bit of color adjustment to reduce some blue-ish tones. So, even for a very detailed image, the difference between Lightroom and Darktable is so big, that Lightroom will certainly be a bit better. The only big drawback I would say for Lightroom is that it is slow and it crashes on my phone quite often. The good news is that as my device has gotten older and older (even with all the software updates over the years), I have had many more crashes, and I can’t afford to wait until I can afford something faster. But as for the image of the last post, there is nothing more that I have experienced that could have affected its final quality, so it’s hard to say how it really does compare to Lightroom. In any case, this means that I wouldn’t recommend Darktable for shooting in low-light situations.

What to do besides Lightroom?

To get better images in low light, we have many different tools available in the market. Here are a few of them:

Aperture priority: this tool is similar to Lightroom, but with a higher level of control as it can have a very high sensitivity of “f-stops” and a wide range of sensitivity in the focus. So, if you want to take pictures of subjects in the dark night or if you need to take the most critical moment of your portrait, then this is probably the right tool for you.

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Lenses and metering

Here are some tips for making shots with the lens-shutter combo and some tips for using the metering mode:

If using a DSLR with a full-frame sensor, make sure you have a lens that is not too sharp and that has not been “fined” to fit with the aperture or focal length of your sensor. The sharpness of your lens can also affect the resolution of your image.

Some lenses are only as sharp as the lens itself. In other words, in a low-light situation, there is no point in using that lens if the other two will not produce the same quality of image that the lens has. So, I will suggest you to buy the best lens for your needs. I highly recommend a lens that is very sharp and has a very wide f-