What are the three basic steps in editing?

Step 1: The first step is making the text. This is accomplished by setting text width to 1.5, applying a style, and then highlighting the text.

Step 2: Next, we need to place our new text in its own file, edit it, and then save the new text into an archive.

The editor will automatically open when you open an .asc file. All you’re going to do next is import your new text into your document.

Step 3: The last step is to save the new text. It’s important to do it in the same manner as before, so make sure you have your original and new text the same size. Now the editor will automatically place your new text in the document.

If you are still having trouble accessing your document after completing this process, be sure to check out the How do I delete the editor and make changes in the .asc file? guide.

3. Creating A New Custom Document To Add Custom CSS

With the help of CSS, it isn’t too hard to create new custom documents. But before you proceed, keep in mind that there are three main advantages of being able to style your current document.

You can use standard file types for all your custom files. Custom files can be used from any Mac computer. Custom documents will store your style without making a backup. Each copy of your current document is unique.

1. Using Standard File Types – If You Already Have A Custom File

If you already have custom files in your Mac that you just created, you need to use them.
Step 4: Begin to edit your Home Page - Sandor's Example Club

First, go to the Customize menu in any Document (⌘-C in OSX). Then, in the dropdown menu, select New Custom Document.

Note: This is the same process used to create a custom file.

In the dialog, select an existing Custom Document. This will prompt you to name the custom document to the custom type you want it to be called. To name it, select any name that is not used in the original document. For example, if I wanted to name my document custom_1.asc, I could select custom_1.asc in the dialog. After you have named you custom_1.asc, press Open to select the new custom document. This will create the custom type with the content you saved on your .asc file.

Note: You may find it’s easier to save text, styles, and images