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Can’t you see this is just a copy of what the owners of Photoshop created? How could they have stolen that? Do you know that the files were created by somebody else?

How can that possibly be legal? There are plenty of ways they could have copied it – they simply copied the files.

And they can’t even blame each other. They took them over at different times… how has that ever changed?
Cannizzaro, Kimberly / **Klockner Community Art Gallery**

And the other major thing the law did that is illegal is make it illegal to sell a copy. In other words, if you wanted to resell it, that was illegal. So it’s not just that one user copied them. All of them are copycats? So I would say they did something that was illegal.

One of the big issues with copyright is that it’s an archaic monopoly with a bunch of outdated rules… I mean, if you want to copy something, you need the permission from everybody else who’s doing the same thing.

And I think that the key points here, though, is that a copy is a copy.

There is some legal basis for it. And we didn’t hear many people arguing that in court, but we’ll tell you if you put enough time and effort into research, you’ll find it.

And that’s the important part – when you take something and you know it’s a copy – and it’s not a new model, but just the same model.

Right now, you still can’t make a copy of something that’s been around for many years. You can’t make a copy of something that is more than 20 years old or 10 years old, but you can make a copy of a 3D model, a film clip, etc.

It’s very easy for people to use something that is a copy, but very, very easy to say – how can it be copy if it’s a copy? Because it’s a copy.

Now, if you’re a software manufacturer, you’re going to say it’s a copy. If you’re making something or selling something – your profit margin isn’t going to be all that great but it’s just a matter of copying the model from somebody else’s models.

In other words…

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So when you

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