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It’s the difference between the best of the best. I like to see the best, and I’m happy to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly. But the good doesn’t always give a reader the most satisfaction. There’s something about having to read out an entire draft that I miss.

If the work has to go through lots of changes, that’s a bad sign about the quality of the original work. A good book that has to go through a lot of changes is almost assuredly going to become less engaging if you’re going to read it once a week.

“We are the new kids on the block,” said Mark Garlick, a local businessman who owns more than 40,000 square feet of retail space in the city.

The company, which Mr. Garlick started with his brother when he was 17, has set a vision on what he sees as the future of retail in the city. He says one reason is that he has learned everything he knows, in the real world, from the bottom. He is the real-life Oliver Sacks, who is the founder of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the author of several books about memory and intelligence.

Over the two decades that he has owned the New Castle-based company since 1993, he has hired dozens of young entrepreneurs — all of whom are graduates of the universities he helped educate. He has also started his own private equity fund that has bought and turned into success numerous business ventures — a restaurant he opened in 2011 in a former school building in the heart of the city and this year announced plans to build a second one there.
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“For every one who works in it,” Mr. Garlick said, “everybody else comes in with their own background, their own personality, and then they have the same experience.”


A quick search on Google Maps shows that New Castle has fewer than 35,000 square feet of shopping and dining space, compared with the more than 120,000 in the area of Williamsburg where the Whole Foods Market is based — more than twice as much. Yet, when Mr. Garlick bought the shop in 1993, the neighborhood had about 100,000 square feet and one large grocery store, Mr. Garlick recalled, which made it tough for many to imagine how much more could be done if New Castle expanded. The company soon started hiring.

In the years since it was started, he said, he

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