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No, you can not share a video link from the VSCO Cam. You can choose between 1) sharing with your students (if they choose to use the cam), 2) uploading it yourself and 3) posting it on your own Youtube channel. If you want to upload a video from anywhere on the internet, then you have to ask permission and you can choose whether you want to show the webcam to students, your family, and/or your guests. Please select all the options on the following options.

A few years ago, one of my colleagues asked me why I would be happy to buy and use an iPhone instead of a Windows PC.

I laughed it off. Why should I be unhappy with the platform I’ve chosen? After all, they’re both computers. What difference did it make to me?

So when Apple announced last month that customers could return their old iPad in return for a free iPad Pro, I bought the free iPad Pro right away. I’m a fan of iOS, and having that iPad Pro makes me happy.

However, like many of my friends’ kids, and perhaps like many others, I’ve grown up in a culture where the PC has been viewed as the only viable option. I mean, you know the old joke about the guys with PCs making the rules — the only one who doesn’t have a PC is the one who can’t get started?

While I’m certainly not a hypocrite, I’m in no position to complain because I have to admit, when I think of the old days, I am more motivated than ever by the idea of my kids getting new computers to replace the ones they already own.

We bought our Dell XPS 13 from Best Buy right after my daughter started studying at U.S.C. I honestly don’t remember what the Dell XPS 13 looked like, but we’re pretty sure we didn’t put the XPS 13 in the trash, thank goodness.

I’m going to talk about why we bought it, and my own feelings about it, but I need to make it clear that I am 100 percent honest with you. We don’t want to be the old mommy who tells kids that there’s nothing but computers and phones out there.

What I really wanted was a Mac. Not just any Mac, but the fastest Mac, and a Mac that can run Windows!

I have always loved computing and it has been a life-long passion. I also know that my son

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