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(See How to choose the perfect editor.)

Why do I need to hire a literary agent?

Can I publish with a literary agent?

Do I need to know anything about publishing?

Which literary agents to choose?

Can I pay for an agent?

What are the different types of literary agencies? (See How to choose the perfect one.)

Do I need to know anything about publishing?

This is a short answer… Yes, you definitely should… Unless it’s a small publishing house. Then you absolutely do not…

A few things will make an agent more expensive as compared with a publishing account

One of the biggest costs when going to literary agencies is money. You just can’t afford to pay for an agent.

There might be a small chance you can make some money from publishing, but if the agent is expensive and you don’t have much of a budget, chances are, you will have no luck. Especially if you have published at least three books in the past year.

Most agents are only interested in books that have already been published, even if the agent doesn’t know if there is a market for it. And most agents who actually know a little about publishing have never found someone with a good recommendation. Unless you know the publisher.

There are different kinds of literary publishers

There are two main types of literary publishers

Authors publishers

Author publishers hire people (agents or book editors) to translate a book into the language of the country where the author lives or if the book can be translated at all.

They will use a translation agent to help them.

The translator will write the manuscript for the publisher. And the publisher will do the promotion and book sales. At least for the first book in the series.

They usually have an ISBN number.

How do I choose to publish a book?

That’s a very good question.

I have tried to write this section in a simple way, but it must be clear for all types of readers, no matter what genre you are writing in. Please take your time to read that section carefully. I have included a few other tips about publishing that may be helpful.

Book publishing is a very complicated process

There is no one correct way, just like you can’t use a kitchen knife and make a pie, you cannot use a book like a chef and make a stew, or use a cook

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