What is it called when you edit a photo?

Photo Editing: is one of those technical terms that’s important to know for people who have never worked in Photoshop or Illustrator. This is the photo you see in Windows 8. Once a photo is edited, it is then saved on a USB flash drive as a .PNG . Then when you want to open a copy of your final photo in the applications of your choice (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc.), you open the .PNG file and you get a pop-up window giving you a selection of filters and controls to choose from.

How is the data transmitted on Flickr? Is there a separate network or is it the same for everyone on the site?

Flickr does use its own infrastructure and the internet access for uploading and deleting photos.

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How are pictures uploaded via Flickr selected?

There are some things that we’re trying to avoid when we’re selecting photos at an individual level, such as: photo size, background color, etc. So, if you find yourself uploading photos that you like, and a few of them include a background color you don’t like, or a color that you like but don’t feel is appropriate in the photograph, it’s possible that we’ve selected a photo that is the wrong color because of the image type. In a lot of cases we can change the photo type just by clicking on the image or text and selecting it.

Is it possible to upload photos from outside of Flickr?

Yes, you can transfer images from anywhere else.

Do you have a separate Flickr server for personal accounts? How do these accounts get their own Flickr servers and IP addresses?

When you create a registered (personal), personal account, it gets its own Flickr server and IP address. All registered photos are stored on the servers of the people who own the accounts. Once we’ve published your photo on Flickr, the IP address for your Flickr server becomes part of a worldwide public record. The only way to remove your personal Flickr server from the public record is to delete the photo completely, which requires an account.

How can I send me some photos that aren’t on our servers yet?

When you request photos, you enter your email address into a form on the Flickr website. This information can later be transferred to the email address you specify, but it may take some time for it actually to go through to the destination. If you have the photo you want to send to someone, and they don’t exist on the