Is editing necessary in photography?

Yes, we have been using Adobe’s Capture NX on all of our images before editing. That is because we had done so already, we can edit the images that way. Editing is an essential part of creating a beautiful photograph but it can sometimes be tricky in terms of a photo coming out of the camera. There are a few things we recommend if you edit your images to make it easier and quicker.

1- Check the image composition carefully and look at how the scene fits into the background. This usually occurs after you do you edit, because you can see where the images should end up. We always try and ensure that it will work in your image.

2- You also usually need to take photos with the camera at an angle and make sure it gets the most exposure. The angle you choose might determine how your photo will look. We recommend taking photographs at an angle to give the right effect of being the center of attention.

3- If you are using a flash, make sure all the light has an angle of at least 10 degrees from your face – just to balance the light.

4- If you want to use water filters, we usually advise using a tripod to keep your tripod and light sources away from your face.

If you have any other tips for getting the best shot you can then share them in the comments below!

A group of men in South Wales have been accused of using a drone to spy on women and children at a park where they are sleeping, but a police helicopter spotted them and an air tanker was called in to destroy the machine.

The group of five men, aged in their 20s and 30s, were spotted near the Park Cymru in Carding, about 20 miles south east of Bristol, on Tuesday afternoon.

It is not yet known whether the men used a drone to spy. The drone is thought to have been purchased new on Monday, and is believed to be registered to Ian Jones, 41, of Bournemouth.

It is understood the men are members of an anti-social behaviour gang known as the “Pioneers” who recently moved out of a caravan park and into a house close to the Cymru Park.

One of the men, believed to be aged in his mid-30s, claimed he was only going to use the drone as a hobby and did not see the harm in spying on his neighbours as he had been doing since 2009 when he first heard about the drone