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Photoshop Elements is a Photoshop plugin for creating stunning Lightroom-like results. Lightroom can only create a single image at a time and can’t resize or crop images. If you need a ton of images to build your project, Lightroom has you covered! Photoshop Elements allows for unlimited number and type of images, including landscape, portrait, sports, and more.

Lightroom can also create layers for you. This means you have the control to change the look of your project and the image itself, to enhance the photo with a touch of color while retaining the original image’s overall composition. In addition, Lightroom preserves your work in the final image, so you can have it printed or presented on a screen so the viewer sees what you added. That’s the power of Lightroom! It is the perfect tool to build digital photography and photography-related projects. And, it’s available free of charge as an integral part of Lightroom.

Does Photoshop Elements allow for editing photos outside of Lightroom?

Yes! It brings a very sophisticated workflow that lets you shoot RAW images or convert RAW images to JPEGs for printing. You can combine RAW images and your images from Photoshop to create an amazing image in Lightroom. The Photoshop Elements Pro edition includes the following features of the original Lightroom version:

Advanced image editing:

– Quickly resize, rotate, and flip images to your liking

– Adjust exposure to produce stunning highlights and shadows

– Add a layer mask to enhance any part of the image

– Selective focus lets you edit parts of the image, even if you don’t want them

– Fine-tune in photo manipulation tools

– Export as JPG or PNG in .tif or .jpg, .jpg, or .jpg, or .png format

– Image quality: 24-bit lossless quality (no data compression)

– Camera and lens profile compatibility

– Image rotation

– Multi-threaded operation

– Import and Export (PDF for larger file size)

How long does it take to build your digital photography project?

For Photoshop Elements Pro, the processing time is 5 minutes per image and 3 minutes per image plus an additional 30 seconds for file upload. There are no separate processing time requirements for Lightroom and Lightroom Pro.

Is Lightroom a free version of Photoshop?

Photoshop Elements Pro has more features and capabilities than what you might find with Light

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