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I started my apprenticeship with this software today. I have no questions. It has worked well so far for me. I would like to choose the best free image editing software for those who can’t afford Adobe Photoshop. The software you chose will largely depend on how much time you have to spend on this and how much you want to spend. You may have to make a hard decision.

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This year’s International CES will be held on the Las Vegas Strip. A lot of tech companies are going to show off a lot of stuff including a bunch of new products, but one area that’s probably going to be under-covered is the one Samsung is most interested in: wireless charging. We’ve already heard about its forthcoming Galaxy Gear 2, and now the Korean company has unveiled a few details about its upcoming flagship device.

First up, the Galaxy Gear 2 isn’t set to have a ton of bells and whistles like its predecessor, but it will pack the Qi wireless charging standard as well as support for both traditional Qi-compatible chargers and an adapter that can take full-size AA batteries. Samsung plans to ship the Gear 2 in “early 2015,” but the company is expecting shipments from the first week of 2014, which is when it plans to begin selling the phone in the U.S. and Europe. That’s plenty of time to prepare — let’s go ahead and get started.

As for the Gear, it will look an awful lot like the Samsung Galaxy S5 (and the Galaxy Note 5). You’ll likely see either the round or square design Samsung is using for the top and sides, plus either four cameras on the back or dual 16-megapixel front-facing cameras. There will also be a microUSB port for charging and, of course, an IP67 rating.

The charging pad is also going to be a different design, although the Galaxy Gear 2’s will likely be a more traditional magnetic one, too. It’s not clear whether Samsung is planning on using a wireless charging hub like its recent Note devices are, but we’re assuming it will feature a similar arrangement.

Of course, there are a few other pieces Samsung likely wants to show off too, including its latest Galaxy Tab

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