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If you take a photo with your phone you want to upload it to Google+, but to get that to work you need an app like this for your phone:

Photo Editor:

(This app costs a little less, as it’s a paid app.)

If you’re using the app you’ll be able to import an image into the app just like you’d do if you were working on an image yourself. If you don’t have that kind of experience, this app might be the right app for you.

Here is how you import an image into Photo Editor:

Select the photo in your camera roll.

Click the import button.

You’ll be presented with a set of import options, including how big (up to 50 pixels) your photo should be before it gets added to the library.

Select the resolution that’s most important to you.

You can do different sizes for your photos (e.g. 100 px for a photo of a house with no windows and 20 px for photos of buildings or scenes with windows).

If the photo has to be in the library because of a file restriction then the photo will be resized up to the size limit before it will be added to the library.

(If you change one thing, like change the date stamp on a selfie to a different day, that won’t be reflected in the size.)

Go to the photo’s gallery and check to make sure you can preview your selection in the app to check it works.

(Once a photo is inserted into the file you have to decide what’s in the folder, and which folders to share it with other apps, so it won’t be accidentally deleted by the other apps.)

And if you’re working on your own images, this will be a great tool for you—you’ll be able to open your images and add any other images that are in the library in one easy go!

For more info about using Photo Editor and Photo Studio, check out our tutorials covering these two apps.

Download Photo Editor for $1.99

The Photo Editor app has a lot of advanced functionality. The most useful features aren’t necessarily accessible for casual users or those who don’t have Photoshop Pro. For that reason it’ll probably be more useful to people who already know how to do advanced Photoshop manipulations.

For instance, the Photo Editor has three ways to import images into it:

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