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There are two types of editing – book editing and technical editing. As a book editor, you should spend most of your work on book editing. We are going to talk about editing book types, editing techniques, and how to become a better editor with the help of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Book Editing

Chapter 2: Editing Techniques

Chapter 3: Book Types and Editing Techniques

Chapter 4: Technical editing of book types

Finally, chapter 5 explains book types and editing techniques so you know what to expect from the editing process and how to become a better editor with all tips we have covered here.

Chapter 1: Book Editing

There are two aspects to book editing: the basic editing process, which includes everything you might find here on the Internet, and the final editing stage. Although one might think of “basic editing” as the first step, it is actually, in fact, the very last step. If you have any editing skills at all and work professionally, you should already have some skills in editing in order to work as a professional book editor. As a book editor, you should be able to write or edit books in two different ways – book writing, in the traditional way, and book editing, in the software word processing/spread sheet word processing format. But how could we get to this point? We must first get into the basics of book editing – the basic tools, the way you are going to create your manuscript, and the actual editing of the book. This book might be an encyclopedia or a novel – it shouldn’t be anything you can’t edit!

But before we go straight into editing, let’s talk about how they are edited.

Basic Editing

Let’s go through a typical work routine of editing a book:

You start writing the book and look over all the chapters in it. You look for something to change in one chapter and decide to make it a different chapter, then you go back and re-read the old chapters. You decide to change some words in one chapter and make it a different chapter, then you go back and re-read the old chapters. You decide some phrases and ideas that you want to change and go back and edit them. You decide a couple parts of sentences in one chapter and change one or two words, then you go back to the old chapter and read through it. You edit or rewrite more and more of the chapter, until you get the whole work done.


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