What is the average salary of a rapper?

Let’s say a rapper in the US makes a salary of $5m a year. What is his average income for this year alone? I looked for the highest paid rappers in the US in 2011 by clicking on their Twitter profile.

First I found the highest paid rappers under 50 and then I used the average of all other rappers under 50. This gives us the following list. The first two charts show the highest paid rappers in the US in 2011. The second shows all other rappers. For the sake of simplicity let’s say we would expect to see a rapper with an average annual income of 1bn.

Highest Paid Hip Hop Artists of 2011

The first thing to look at is the average income of a rapper. I took the average income of 20 rappers listed below. I used their Twitter accounts for this.

1. Nicki Minaj 2:11.3m3

2. Common 2:06.8m3

3. Tyga 2:02.4m3 4. 2 Chainz 1.97m3 5. 3 Doors Down 1.77m3 6. 2 Chainz 1.65m3 7. Usher 1.52m3 8. Wale 1.39m3 9. 2 Chainz 1.37m3 10. Jeezy 1.36m3

The average income for Nicki Minaj is 1.8m3 a year. She has three Grammy awards and one top 10 hit. The highest earning rapper in the US is also Nicki Minaj. Common does not get very far down either.

The following two charts show the other rappers from 2010. They are not included because they haven’t released a major album but have a lot of influence on the scene (i.e. Travis Scott).

1. 2 Chainz 1.97m3 2:03.0m3

3. Chris Brown 1.76m3 4:17.7m3

The median income of these 20 rappers is not great. There are two rappers on this list which do not actually make more than 1bn a month. One of them is a rapper who has no real mainstream following. The other one is a rapper who is fairly popular, but who is also not very well known outside of hip hop circles. I can find no information about their income.

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