Can a woman be a tenor?

No, because all she does is play the violin.” – “I wish,” says the violinist, after he has stopped the recital for an instant, “that I were a flute player.” – “I wish my sister was a piano player, but I can’t play her. But why not?” – “I can play her, and that’s all she has to do, so she can do nothing else.” – I could play her, but it would be just like her: She could be a flute player, but she could also be a pianist.”

How far can women express themselves, when the rules of the musical world have been turned upside down?

The musical world I grew up in was a closed environment, with strict rules about what you could or could not do. We were not allowed to play with our mouths or to use the microphone or to talk. I always found this very weird. How can this be a good place for me to express myself? It’s like a dictatorship, a dictatorship where they are putting their own view of reality on the stage.

This dictatorship exists in part because music is a form of self-expression. I’ve never had an opportunity to express myself in any way in my life — it’s just about how you can express yourself in a confined environment. Music is not really about sharing stories. It’s what the artists do that is interesting to get the crowd together.

This is true of the film as well. In my experience of making movies, I’ve found it useful to have a clear agenda before you start — a plot, a narrative arc, an emotional drive.

Yes, the musical world is very rigid, and it’s important to be able to make jokes, to make jokes that you can tell in front of other people. In my experience, people don’t like jokes if it’s too serious.

You seem to think that jokes are a key means of understanding the world.

You’ll see that’s true when you try to make a movie in which two people are in a taxi and they’ve got a really bad case of bad timing, and a couple of minutes later they say, “Oh, you know, we should have stopped a little later.” And the driver says, “Yeah yeah, but I was trying to pick you up from my place, and I had to drive all the way to here and I forgot to let the gas tank fill up so it would all refill,” and the woman