Can I learn to sing in a month?

I know I’m not really that good. It’s a small thing. I feel like I’ll only be better over time.”

When I tried to ask about his solo projects, Ronson had a point, but he’s also well-aware that the only people who really know much about his bandmates’ new album might be fans of his own music. In a phone interview, he explained that at the moment, The Beautiful & Damned feels like an extension of his own life, with a “tangible part of me” present in the form of the lyrics, “I just feel like this song’s got to express some really deep things.”

He said this feeling is a result of the album’s creative and physical growth, and the relationship being built between the band members. “All you have to do is look at the writing,” Ronson said. “People are looking at my writing, and they seem to be liking it.”

The beautiful and damned will be out November 26 in Japan, November 27 in North America, and November 29 in Western Europe and Australia.

“To be clear, the fact was that in my view we should have gone with an all-source, all-government approach,” he said. “With an all-source approach, then you get all of the evidence.”

Mr. Trump suggested that the federal government had been too slow to share information on North Korea on the intelligence that it had gathered. “The problem is, I want to be very, very careful about saying, ‘You did this,’ but there were people that were saying, ‘You should do this,’ ” he said. “And the president could do it even faster, but then you’re saying, wait a minute, you should’ve waited a while.”

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Mr. Trump has made no secret of the way he wants to use the nuclear arsenal, a doctrine that has been widely discredited and at times ridiculed by presidents.

But there were other reasons he said that his generals were telling the United States not to use the bomb.

His generals, Mr. Trump said, had told him that it would be better to wait to launch the attack and let the United Nations determine which country should be able to use the weapons.

“I think you’ll find that if we do use the bomb, it’s a tremendous mistake,” Mr. Trump insisted. “We don’t want to go in. They’ll have a nuclear device.