Do vocal nodules hurt? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Psalms 119 Kjv

It is normal to have some soreness during a vocalisation. Most vocalisers will experience some pain or discomfort. It may be caused by some of the nerve endings of their vocal cords in their throat being in pain.

To determine if this is the case, try these simple tests:

Swallowing the back of your tongue. Try this one and see if your tongue feels numb as you swallow the back of your tongue.

Your eyes closed. The right and left eye muscles can feel some numbness when you close them for even 20 minutes.

Vocalise as you breathe. Open the lips for a second or use a muscle. You might feel your lips move.

You might feel your lips move. Take a deep breath. Try this one and see if you do not have to hold your breath.

You might feel your lips move. You are not the only one affected or you have not been affected for some time. Check with your health professional.

When do you need to see your specialist?

If you need a referral to be evaluated by a specialist, the primary care doctor, general practitioner or paediatrician will be able to refer you for a specialist to make an appointment.

You can see a specialist if you have:

chronic problems that affect your voice

tumours in your voice or the muscles behind them

lung disease (lung cancer or pneumonia)

If you would like to check with another specialist, you will need to contact the Primary Care GP’s Office. There’s a simple phone consultation that you can arrange online.

See your doctor in your local general practice.

If what’s happening is not under control

It is important to call 999 as soon as possible. Your GP or other health professionals are likely to be able to refer you to a specialist in your area.

The doctor may refer you to a specialist after an urgent consultation or a referral as a case has been made in the GP’s office.

Your specialist will take your complaint from here. You can keep the complaint secret from your doctor if you want to.

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