Does your singing voice get better with age?

I really couldn’t know. Every performer comes and goes and I’ve changed as an artist, but that’s OK. Like I said: every person is different and there are not any right or wrong answers. My voice is the same every time you sing. It just happens to be a little bit stronger than when I was first starting out at 20. You know? The last time I was trying to figure that out, I lost my voice. [Laughs.] I’m good now but I have no idea if it’s going to be the same when I’m 80, when I’m 85, when I can’t sing anymore and no one can. We’ll see?

What happens for the rest is that I sing more as an actress. I do some voice-overs, some music videos, and I have a couple of other things in the back of my head where I write, so I’m always up and around.

Who are some of the performers that we don’t have on Broadway right now?
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Yeah! I haven’t really heard of any of them. In the first few seasons of “Hamilton,” we did have a few but, in terms of Broadway shows you don’t get to hear about very many. So that one I’m happy to hear more and I’ll be watching.

It was hard to hear a Broadway-produced “Hamilton,” as your main gig, the national tour, was in San Francisco, rather than on Broadway.

That was great! I mean, I got a ticket but it was just a lot of hustle but it all paid off! That was just really nice because I had a fantastic time!

So in a way, it’s hard for people who don’t have an easy time in the “Hamilton” stage to enjoy the “Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” stage shows.

Well, if you can see the “Bachelor” stage production, you can see the show. You don’t know, for instance, that the cast members in “Hamilton” are all amazing actors. You know, when you see the stage show, for instance, they perform the same songs with different voices and different lines. They do take home awards but that’s really the only thing that they care about in “Bachelor” and “The Bachelor.” They’re not really in love with the other contestants. That’s what they’re really into is the show, the show that they’re doing. You don’t see that