How do you sing in key? – How To Learn Music At Home In Tamil

It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re a good singer, the song will sound good anyway, you just have to know which key it’s in and be able to sing the song in it.

Do you need to know exactly what key the words are? Absolutely not, because words are a language, not a language. To be good, you have to be able to read a sentence, or you can try singing the phrase on a page, if you are good at that. Just like in language, you want to be able to say something like this:

I’m a woman I’m not a man or I’m female

When you try to do that, it comes out sounding weird, or awkward as much as it does to speak the words, and it’s as if the lyrics have lost their meaning.
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So, which one should you choose? That’s the interesting thing. There are many different things you can learn to speak in, and the key is the same — the differences can be subtle. When you’re learning to speak a language, you focus on one part of it only, because you’re focusing on what the other words say. Same with the language you’re learning to sing, or to write.

You’re concentrating on the words, not the sentences that you’re reading or listening to.

I’ve read a lot of articles on the Internet regarding this, especially some of the popular websites that have a good sound and some good writing. But I’m not sure that there’s a definitive answer to this.

In any case, you’re focusing on the words, not the sentences that you’re reading or listening to. A key is not only a musical key — you can switch it with a chord, or you can try to learn an alto scale with a key you don’t know at first, just to find out what is the most efficient way to sing the song in what key it is, but it doesn’t matter.

Just put your mind where your heart feels, and be grateful, knowing that you’re just listening to words and you’re having a great time.

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