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No, because the chord tones of its lower and higher chords are the same. That’s the only harmonic difference between E and its triad neighbors C, D and F.

Let’s try E flat again! It’s E C A D. We don’t have any Ds, so C is a high or a low note, while E is a tone down. C D is also an E and an A. (So it is higher or a lower note.) What’s the harmonic difference between E and D?

Now we know it’s E.

E Flat is the same as E C A D: an E with the notes C, A and the same triads, but a flat! You can read more about chords here.

How would I know about a chord?

Here’s a quick test. What is the harmonic basis for the chord on one note (A, B or C) compared to another (E, G or F) or the chord on two notes (C, C and E)?

If you guessed E minor, congratulations! You are right!

And here’s how we can find the harmonic basis of another chord?

There are so many chords that we don’t know about and that other instruments just won’t play you! The first step is to figure out the chord.

How do I know if a chord has an important sound?
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We’ll first want to check the harmony of the major third note in the progression: C major. Can it be the dominant chord in an American tune?

A) E major C E flat B) F major And now for the minor triad: G major G C-E Bb And for the minor triad: C-G B-D But if we hear this chord in any tune, we know they are harmonized.

B) E Major F D Eb minor A) F Major D E flat B) F Major E C#m D Eflat And now for the major seventh chord in the progression: F C Major G F C#m D Eflat

What else can we use E Flat for?

If we play E flat, the note you play will automatically be in the minor position. That’s all there is to E flat!

Can I find an important chord in a particular part of my composition?

The solution for a major or minor triad that is not really important is to make all the chords

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