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What was my reaction to hearing this?

That was the reaction of me, and I’m sure everyone else watching or listening, to see what this guy just said on a nationally televised broadcast.

This is not a moment where the administration should be apologetic for all of their previous mistakes. This is a moment of reflection for the administration for all the different things that could be done to put in place a much improved national security architecture.

Here is the reality: we are the greatest nation in the world. And we made mistakes and we’re being forced to own them and admit that we were wrong. And we can’t do that if we don’t admit the mistakes are bad and we’re learning from them.

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You need to ask yourself these questions: how do we make clear to the world and our enemies that it’s wrong to target a religious group in a way that could be mistaken for being a military target? How do we show them that it’s wrong to attack civilians? And how do we make sure that we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

And if you believe the administration is trying to spin it this way, then you need to ask yourself how do they believe they are trying to spin it. That doesn’t sound like a good way to explain what they’ve done.

There should be a national conversation about how to strengthen the security state and strengthen the rules of engagement and how do you ensure that the laws we create for the national security state allow those who are accountable to carry them out and allow people who are not accountable to be held accountable?

There is not time here. Let’s get it finished.

I’m going to leave you with a final thought and something I want to talk about.

One word about Iran. I’ve said a few times that the administration has been overly cautious about speaking about Iran. They’re going to try and play up this deal they have with the ayatollahs. They have been trying to convince people that they can make this deal and that they can do this.

They can’t, and here’s what we have to do.

We don’t trust Iran. We don’t trust them at all.

This administration has been more about Iran than the national security of the United States of America, as evidenced by its sanctions policy in Iran, its failure to protect the homeland against the anthrax threat, and its willingness to use nuclear power as a weapon to justify war by

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