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I’ve gone back and examined the video. And yes, even though the camera had stopped filming, it is apparent that not every frame of the image is of a male cricketer.

A lot of this footage was still a black line. This is the difference between a shot and a close-up. A close-up is more likely to reveal a person’s face – like that of Sachin Tendulkar’s girlfriend Amla in the video.

There is very little movement in the cricket field. Just a static line – a straight line. And only a few seconds later, in another shot, you can see a different angle. A player – maybe one of our own players – is clearly on the ball.

The next five seconds is an interesting bit of footage. In a video which is so often edited in favour of male faces, you are seeing this:

A second player is clearly on the ball at this point of time. There is the most obvious line on the field that the camera hadn’t recorded, a line that I can’t see at all. Is it of the player’s own initiative?

As we’ve seen with cricket videos, male faces are almost always there, and are used as a framing device. Here’s an example of a cricket video, taken from the New Zealand Herald’s recent ‘Herald Report’, featuring two men’s cricket matches. They’re both on the ball – so this is a different angle of the one in the video I’m citing.

Compare this with what you see below:

The next shot, taken a minute after the start of the second innings, is a similar one.

As you observe the difference in shot, it’s clear that our player – or player’s assistant on the same ground as our player – is the one on the ball. There is no movement in the field. But we still see a male face. And this time we see a man – not our player, but his assistant. We can see a man on the ball, though it still seems like a frame shot.

Now, there is some debate as to whether video does or does not ‘show’ a female cricketer. For this reason they are referred to as ‘trivial’. But as a general rule, it isn’t, and in an online video like this, which is largely non-interactive, the effect of video is to create an illusion not by showing, but by withholding – a process

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